We Went to Helensburgh!

Last weekend, we didn’t run any classes in the West Midlands *sadface* however, we did have plenty of fun in the seaside town of Helensburgh in Scotland. The whole weekend was organised by Amy Powell, who attends Laura’s classes in Glasgow.

Amy worked incredibly hard to organise the first of these kinds of sessions in Helensburgh, and even created the hashtag #turnarippleintoawave as that’s exactly what we are trying to do!

Over the whole weekend, we ran five sessions, which all began with some basics of BSL and the difference between BSL & SSE. We then finished each session with a signed song, and every group had a different song. (Click here to check out our Youtube Channel to see all the videos)

The final session saw people from all of the other groups learning the song that is causing waves at the moment, of course it was This is Me from The Greatest Showman. Watching back on the videos caused some emotion and joy all round, and we are all incredibly proud of everyone who attended. You can see all the photos on our Facebook Page, or take a look at the final video below.

Click here to see all of the other videos from this weekend.

Fancy learning some signs?

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