Triple Whammy on Week Three!

Not to be biased – but we have the BEST group of people learning sign songs here in Lancashire! We may only be on week three, but they have blown me away.

We decided to learn True Colours – a lovely song about not being afraid to show who you really are.  I thought this would be a very fitting homage to Deaf Awareness Week and being proud of who you are!

After running through the verse and chorus, the class picked it up exceptionally quickly and I jokingly commented that we would be ‘done by half past!’

I wasn’t wrong! They had perfected the song before half of the time had gone!

We talked a little bit about how I put the lyrics into SSE – how we get emotion across, how we know which words we need to sign in the sentences.

The group suggested that we’d go over the songs from the previous two weeks, so I threw them straight into the deep end and popped Fight Song back on without any prior discussion and wow, they did it! It had been two whole weeks and they could still sign Fight Song!

I may have had to ask what song we had done the previous week as I had completely forgotten! Same again with Shine – they could sign it all from beginning to end without any input from myself!

 Aren’t they just fantastic? (The answer is ‘yes’!)

I can’t wait to see what they achieve next week in the presence of our special guest!

I forgot to take a photo this week – so one from our first week will have to suffice!

Fancy learning some signs?

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