Symphony Queen

So, I have to apologise for the lateness of this blog post, however I am writing from Lapland! I’ve been very busy this weekend with Santa and his reindeer! I’m sat at temperatures of below freezing making sure you can all see your wonderful photos from the weekend.

Our classes kicked off as normal in Wolverhampton, where our requested song was ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit. Which had various speeds and difficulties throughout the song. However, as per usual, you all managed to do this really well, and put a lot of emotion into your performances. We also noticed there was a lot of the sign for ‘song’ that was used in this one quite a bit, which was really interesting – but well done team! You did great!

Of course, we then moved onto Solihull, where we carried on with our theme of ‘Queen’. But, as this was a slightly shorter song, we did a little BSL Chinese Whispers beforehand. (I’m afraid I’ll have to upload this one when I get back into the UK, as WiFi isn’t exactly great over here!) The song itself seen a few challenges, mainly a few lines throughout which were very fast, and required quite a bit of practice to nail the signs. It did take quite a few attempts to nail this, but we all managed to get there in the end – and a few of you even managed to add a few extra signs into the song too! Well done!

Now it’s over to you to vote for your song choice for this weekend, and remember, it’s Christmas songs! I’m very excited about this!

Fancy learning some signs?

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