Return of Freddie Mercury

So it’s been two whole weeks of no classes in the West Midlands, and we came back with an almighty bang! For the whole week leading up to the class I was singing along to ‘Somebody to Love’ by Queen, and there we have it, we ended up signing along to it in Wolverhampton! The best bits were obviously the air guitars we played during the session!

Heading over to Solihull, we signed along to ‘For You’ by Rita Ora and Liam Payne, which is also featured in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ *wink wink*! We finished the whole song in less than 30minutes, so we obviously had to go over the Queen song that Wolverhampton signed too. What a fantastic Saturday it was overall!

Fancy learning some signs?

Wayne Barrow

I love to sign, it's a beautiful language, and everybody should learn at least the basics.

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