Mr.Brightside is Dancing

So, I had a week off last week (as I wasn’t feeling too great), but I came back fighting fit! It felt a bit strange coming back after a week off, but it was so great to see you all come along with your learning caps on.

We kicked things off in Wolverhampton by signing along to Mr.Brightside by The Killers. Instead of directly signing the lyrics, we interpreted the meaning of the song more, which took it a little closer to BSL, but still keeping the SSE theme. Well done for learning quite a difficult song.

Then over in Solihull we signed along to one of Kylie Minogue’s new songs, called Dancing. Although there were one or two of you who decided you weren’t too keen on the song, you still all managed to pull it out of the bag and really showed your energy in the signs. Especially the younger ones when we signed ‘dancing’.

A huge well done to everyone, and I can’t wait to see you all next week!

Fancy learning some signs?

Wayne Barrow

I love to sign, it's a beautiful language, and everybody should learn at least the basics.

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