Originally from Birmingham, I am now living in Lancaster studying for my MSc in Environmental Management and will be starting my PhD in October! Whilst none of my academic career is linked to sign language, it’s the best thing I ever decided to learn! My first sign language lesson was on my 19th birthday and I worked my way up to my NVQ Level 6 in BSL whilst completing my undergraduate degree in Geography.
I have worked with lots of people who are deaf, mainly young people, and I have a passion for Deaf culture (my uni dissertation was on it!). I have ambitions of one day being a Sign Language Interpreter – when I finally have the time!
In my spare time I love walking in the Lake District, spending time with my friends and taking photographs and finding something good in each day. I also help to run the Sign Language Society at Lancaster University and I’m super friendly and always have a smile on my face!


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Email: lydiaparsons@waynebarrowacademy.co.uk


Favourite sign:
My favourite sign is ‘cycling’ because I always think of Joey Tribbiani from FRIENDS saying “How you doin’?” as I sign it!
Favourite colour:
Why I sign:
Fundamentally because I want to be able to communicate with people who are deaf. People can’t learn to hear, but everyone can learn to sign. Plus, it’s a seriously beautiful and complex language – I would use it all the time if I could!
Pet hate:
When pound shops sell things for more than £1 – why?! Also, rude people. Manners cost nothing!


The Storey
Meeting House Lane
Wednesdays – 18:00



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