Laura McEachran

I’m Laura and I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. In 2011 I graduated from Glasgow University with a Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education. I’ve been learning BSL for 4 years and I’m just about to complete my Level 6 qualification. Teaching is my absolute passion and I currently work as a Principal Teacher in a Glasgow Primary School. I get to lead lots of wonderful things in my school, including the development of Digital Education and BSL! Our whole school (and nursery!) are learning BSL as our second language and we absolutely love it! I also run a singing and signing school choir who have performed at numerous prestigious events and featured on BBC twice! I’ve been lucky enough to visit India and Malawi to teach in schools and work with Head Teachers and Staff and I will be returning to Malawi later this year. Learning Sign Language was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s an incredibly beautiful language and one that I feel extremely proud to know.

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Favourite sign:
I have two favourite signs! Prawn and Octopus! They’re just very cute signs!
Favourite colour:
Why I sign:
Signing is something I wanted to learn from a young age. I used to watch interpreters on TV and remember being so fascinated by the language. I love being able to communicate with Deaf people and am so grateful that I work in a profession in which I can help raise awareness and develop a passion in young people for BSL.
Pet hate:
Negativity! Dream Big and Aim High!

Laura’s Classes

Room LT719
Livingstone Tower
16 Richmond Street
G1 1XQ
Tuesdays – 18:00

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