Believe in Frozen

It’s been a very hot and muggy summer this year, so in Wolverhampton we decided to cool off a little with some ice cold music from Disney’s Frozen. If you have children, you’ve probably heard this song about 60 million times already! It is of course ‘Let it Go’, and you all signed it so beautifully.

We felt like we were in the middle of a musical, performing to the millions whilst watching the snow glowing white on the mountains. What a beautiful performance from you all!

We then fled over to Solihull where we decided to dance our way into believing we are superstars! If you haven’t guessed it yet, we learnt the song ‘Believe’ from the movie ‘Honey’. We all learnt it so well, and nailed the signs! Well done to another week of wonderful signing!

Fancy learning some signs?

Wayne Barrow

I love to sign, it's a beautiful language, and everybody should learn at least the basics.

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