All About Sigala

This weekend we made it all about Sigala with our songs. We started off in Wolverhampton by signing along to ‘Came Here for Love’ which had some faster and slower paced sections, which was great for everyone to practice their speed. We really put you through your paces on this one!

After this, we popped over to Solihull to learn ‘Lullaby’ and we soon learnt there was a lot of ‘song’ signed in this one. Again, we put you through your paces on this one, as it wasn’t exactly the easiest song, especially in the dark & smoke alarms going off! We love a bit of drama!

Don’t forget we aren’t open for two weeks now, and I will be returning on 17th November, have a great few weeks off everyone!

Fancy learning some signs?

Wayne Barrow

I love to sign, it's a beautiful language, and everybody should learn at least the basics.

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