Academy Flash Mob

If you’ve not been lucky enough yet to check out our academy flash mob, then what are you waiting for?! You need to watch it now! If you’ve seen it, well have a read of this.

We wanted to mark the beginning of Deaf Awareness Week, so we gathered a team of people who had been learning the signs to ‘This is Me’ from the movie, The Greatest Showman. On Monday 14th May 2018, each one of these wonderful people, travelled far and wide to meet outside the Library of Birmingham.

Everyone gathered together, with the same goal in mind, and we discussed how we were going to showcase what we had learnt. Nervously, we then took a short walk over to Victoria Square, which is located in Birmingham City Centre, to show off what we had learnt.

Every single person gave a powerful and emotional performance to this song, which has such a powerful message behind it anyway. We even had our own audience watching us as we signed along to this beautiful song.

Once the song had ended, we all walked away and continued with our day to day lives. However, it wasn’t over! The whole performance was recorded, and we ended the video with a message, which we won’t include in here. You’ll have to see the video for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s the full video:

Fancy learning some signs?

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