A Triple Whammy!

Today’s sessions ended up being a triple whammy! What a fun day we had. Firstly, we began in Wolverhampton, where we started off with a nice slow tempo, by learning the signs to ‘True Colours’, but we used the version from the movie ‘Trolls’

Everyone nailed this song, and did it so phenomenally. Then we decided to move over to a slightly more upbeat song in Solihull (which sounded quite slow, but in reality, it wasn’t!) and we learnt the signs to “Jason Mraz – I’m Yours”

But we didn’t stop there. One of our Solihull group learnt an extra song from the movie ‘Camp Rock 2’ as she is going to be teaching this in a few weeks, and had a one-to-one session with Wayne and learnt it in under 15 minutes – what a record!

Fancy learning some signs?