A Royal Celebration

It was the day of the royal wedding (congratulations to Harry & Meghan!), which meant everyone was in a fantastic mood, I guess the glorious weather helped too!

We kicked off the musically themed day with some emerald city madness in Wolverhampton, as we learnt ‘Defying Gravity’ from the musical ‘Wicked’. And what a session that was – everyone picked up the signs so quickly, that we even had a go at the extended version! One very proud Tutor here!

We then continued our musically themed day over at Solihull, where we learnt ‘From Now On’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ (will we ever get sick of the songs from this movie?!), and everyone picked up the signs so quickly, we had to add more signs in to make it a little more complicated. So everyone blew me away this weekend with their impressive signing skills!

Well done to everyone who came along this weekend, you all did so well, and I can’t wait to see you all again next week!

Fancy learning some signs?

Wayne Barrow

I love to sign, it's a beautiful language, and everybody should learn at least the basics.

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