Wayne Barrow

Wayne Barrow

Wayne is the founder of the academy, from the success of his videos he decided to launch the Wayne Barrow Academy to teach people Sign Language through music. Wayne has grown up using British Sign Language and Sign Supported English because both of his parents are profoundly deaf. He has also been campaigning to get British Sign Language into the National Curriculum. Wayne also works in television as a Presenter, and has appeared on many television shows as a Presenter and to discuss his campaign. He is very passionate about Sign Language, and is dedicated to bringing communities together. His vision is to integrate the deaf and hearing communities into one. His passion for Sign Language paired with his warm presence makes his classes a real pleasure to attend. Wayne’s classes are based in the West Midlands, why not take a look at where he teaches below?

Follow Wayne:

Email: info@waynebarrowacademy.co.uk


Favourite sign:
Baby – I think it’s such a cute sign.
Favourite colour:
Blue! But it has to be a dark/navy blue (I love anything nautical too!)
Why I sign:
I learnt BSL and SSE through my parents who are both profoundly deaf, and it’s the most eye-catching and beautiful language our planet has to offer.
Pet hate:
I absolutely detest people who are rude. (I couldn’t be anymore British, could I?!)


Great people love learning new signs through music. Take my girls too and they love it. Thanks x
Leanne – Wayne Barrow

Academy Student

Fantastic made us feel at ease my daughter has severe cp and gets really nervous in new places and she felt very happy and joined in lots 10/10
Les – Wayne Barrow
My profoundly deaf daughter who is 10 and I attended our first session on Saturday. We both thought it was absolutely amazing!!!! It's a fun and interesting way to learn sign language! Will definitely be recommending to all my deaf and hearing friends. Oh and Wayne is so enthusiastic with what he does!
Louise – Wayne Barrow
I went to my first session today and it was great! Wayne was a brilliant teacher and others there were friendly. Can’t wait for next week!
Dan – Wayne Barrow
It was so much fun and a brilliant way to brush up and learn new signs. A real feel good session
Erica – Wayne Barrow

Wayne’s Classes

Aura Dance Studios
30 Lincoln Road
B27 6PA
Saturdays – 14:30


City of Wolverhampton College
Bilston Road
WV14 6RN
Saturdays – 11:00


News about Wayne’s classes

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