About Us
About us

I have setup this academy to give people an accessible way of learning Sign Language, by using a fun and relatable way of learning… through music! This is something I am extremely passionate about, and I think everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

My passion stemmed from having profoundly deaf parents, and seeing the struggles they face in day to day life. I think it’s important that we include those who are deaf or hard of hearing in the same way we include everyone else. It should just be second nature to us all.

Wayne Barrow • Founder

Expert Team

We only take on the best of the best to teach you signed songs. Every team member has been through thorough interviews and auditions.

Accessible Classes

We have made sure all of our classes are as accessible as possible, from the rooms we use right down to making our classes as affordable as possible.

Guaranteed Fun

Once you’ve started getting the hang of signing to music, you are going to be able to bring a whole new, fun level to every single song.


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